5R1: Last Christmas, I gave you … some sweets :-)

We started our X-mas party with eating lots of chocolate, biscuits, gingerbread, home-made cakes and … till we were really fed up with all that sweet stuff. Our form-teacher Mrs Reents suggested singing some X-mas carols – a new experience for most of us. But Toby and Yannik played the violin and the guitar, very interesting for us!

Later we relaxed by playing games, cards or just talking to each other. Mrs Frank tried to please us with poems we had to learn for weeks (hard work!), but we enjoyed it!

Meanwhile some other pupils had installed technical devices we needed for our show: Germany’s Nexxt Top Model With Brandnew Glasses“. We had painted the frames of the glasses during art lessons and then presented them on the catwalk by giving standing ovations.

Finally, we got X-mas gifts and were really happy when we could go home and enjoy our holidays.

5R1 with Mrs Reents and Mrs Frank